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Filipino Construction Terms || PART 12 || Carpentry & Woodworking

I get a new one in about 10 days.In that case, how many opportunities do I have to get a good job as an engineer?Yeah, we don’t do that?

If it is okay with you, I

If it is okay with you, I

Email- girishcparmar88gmail.What part of Texas are you in.Absolutely correct!

Gutfeld should have a late-night show.So many people making more money with trade school.do all electric cars drive the same?love the storage room, thanks for that.My only real complaint about this is.

Can you get coloured self leveling stuff.Great video loved it thinking out side of the box.And that my friends is how they built the pyramids my friends the whole desert used to be covered in waters that they could use.You can have your own school and bring your American perspective.

Can’t believe am saying this.Break the law or disrupt the host country's gracious invite.You can't be serious.Love the song Dirt on my boots.Watching videos I was right.

i hope you plant 10 trees for

i hope you plant 10 trees for

I'm a CONCRETE finisher.man you did exactly what your not supposed to do.I don't think any planning went into most of these, especially the guy in short, with the bees.

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